NMFL.. - Floodlight Projector

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Marking to ATEX 94/9/EC Directive:

ex II 2 G Ex d IIC T4 or T3 Gb / II 2 D Ex tbIIIC T126ºC or T141ºC Db IP66

Zone: 1, 2, 21, 22   ,   Gas Group IIC

Compliance with:IEC 60079-0:2007, IEC 60079-1:2007, IEC 60079-31:2008

EC Type Examination Certificate: ISSeP 09 ATEX 012

Production Quality Assurance Notification: ISSeP 12 ATEX 026



Enclosure: Copper free aluminium alloy suitable for petroleum and marine locations.

Glass: Heat and impact resistant tempered glass sealed onto a threaded metal base.

Lamp holder: E40, for up to 400W discharge lamps or 500W incandescent and blended lamps.

 Power unit: For discharge lamps a separate enclosure is used to accommodate ballast,

                      starter (or capacitor),  to avoid direct heat from the lamp damaging these

                      components and give much longer service life.

Reflector: Built in aluminium reflector supplied as standard.

IP rating: IP66 to IEC 529 / EN 60529.

Installation: Designed to be installed and rotate in any horizontal or vertical direction.

Cable entries: ISO 965.1 metric as standard. NPT or other threads supplied on request.

Earthing: Standard M6 internal and external earth screws.

Finish: Electrostatic powder coated or two pack epoxy paint.


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Cable gland


For 250 watt only: Power unit mounted on floodlight enclosure.



NMFL.. Installation Types and Accessories


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Both 250 and 400 watt floodlight have the same construction and dimensions as shown.

Incandescent and blended lamps do not need a separate power unit enclosure.

For discharge lamps two types of aluminium enclosure is, as power unit, to accommodate

the ballast and starter:

    1.GUBC34 for 250 watt Floodlight

    2.GUBSC4 for 400 watt Floodlight

Both power units may be supplied separate to floodlight,electrically connected by cable and

gland, as shown above left.

For 250 watt floodlights, the power unit can also be mounted on floodlight body, as shown

above right.

For 400 W the power unit cannot be mounted on the floodlight.